Tuesday, May 14, 2013

364 days to be exact

So, now at 4:10 in the morning seemed like a perfect time to do so. About half and hour later I was glad that I had since there was a cloud burst and the rain was coming down quite rapidly.

It's almost Official.......Last year I said that it was Official

One year ago

I was woken up about 4 this morning by the sound of gurgling water. Laying quietly I first thought it was the breathing of one of the dogs that share the bed with us.
 Nope, definitely the sound of gurgling water.

But from where.

Can't be that it is raining, the skies yesterday where a tad overcast, but rain.
Following the sound I got up and opened the door to the outside courtyard and sure enough it was raining.

Last year it was on May 15th. This year it was May 14th. A light rain at first, but heavy enough for me to remember that last week on our trip to Queretaro, one of my friends who sat in the back of the pickup truck opened the side window. I remember seeing it the past few days but was too lazy to stop what I was doing each time to go get the keys and reach in and close it.

The real rains will not start until the first part of June, but this morning's left the smell of the dampened dust along with dampness of lower temperatures and humidity.
So now we'll see when the next one will happen, this at least is giving me the motivation to do what needs to be done prior to the heavy water that will inevitable show up in the next few weeks.

There's some gutter work, a few ditches that need to be cleaned up, ones that have filled up with dead pine needles and stuff which will overflow the drainage system.
I am thinking of building a large cistern one that will be capable of storing quite a bit of rainwater....but that's another story.

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