Friday, May 24, 2013

Simple things like Plumbers tape

Living in Mexico you have to adapt.
Or a better way to put it is compromise.

I was doing a project on one of my satellite dishes where I was changing out the LNB for one that feeds two receivers.
The size of the unit was different from the one that was originally installed on the dish.
Not a problem, I'll just get some plumbers tape and that will hold the LNB at the correct position on the feed.
Walking back to the house from where the sat dishes are located, I was trying to remember where the last time I saw my roll of plumbers tape  and where it was.

Looking in my catch all cabinet, found some seeds for planting stuff in the garden that I lost about 2 years ago.
But after looking for about 15 minutes I gave up.

Not a problem, I will just run down to the hardware store on my next trip into town and pick up a roll.


I went to 4 hardware stores and described exactly what I wanted and zilch. nada. nope.

I was brought out some premade straps for anchoring down metal conduit to outside brick or wood.
That won't work.

So I decided to go in the other direction to a store that sold PVC pipe, tanks, filters and stuff associated with irrigation.
Walk up to the counter and ask if they have plumbers tape.

"yes we do, how many rolls would you like?"  Not being greedy I said two,    about 3 minutes later he walks over and plops down two rolls of white Teflon tape, the kind used to put over pipe threads.

Nope, the other kind, it's about 3/4 of an inch wide and has holes in it for screwing to the walls or ceilings.

Oh, strapping tape.
Yes I guess you could call it that.
Sorry we don't carry it.

On my next trip to Morelia after visiting 4 hardware stores on Hardware store row, I came up empty.
One last try, maybe the ACE hardware store might have it. We use to go there long time ago for various odds and ends that we couldn't find elsewhere.

And low and behold, I asked the clerk of they had any. He said yes, they carry it, but they are all out.

They should have it when their next shipment comes in , in about two weeks.

So, in the meantime I have two bunge cords, some copper wire holding the LNB to the mount, maybe I'll see how long it will hold that way..........

Something so universal as strapping tape would solve so many issues but I guess there are so many other ways that work instead of plumbers tape. Wire, rope, bent nails hammered over the pipe, so why would you anyone need plumbers tape?;

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