Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mexico....way behind the times..........come on catch up!

Reading an article this morning it came to my attention that in Mexico, the schools and society is contributing to and encouraging children to grow up to be sexual predators.

Mexicans (some of them) as well as Gringos living down here look up the US as a perfect model of what should be.....

You think?

Well check out my other blog here

Seems that children paying tag, and one child had touched another one and was pulled out of the group and charged with sexual battery.....

Can't happen you say?

So, now as I wander around town , seeming kids running around, grabbing each other, all I will see are little future sexual preditors instead of normal growing up kids......

Someone called them reeduaction camps, I call it day to day schools with politically correcttness dooming a once great country.


Maybe Mexico will keep on keeping their hands off such stupidity.

Just think of the impact this crap is doing NOB.
The money it costs to address this stuff.
The time lost in filling out reports, action notes, summmaries, resolution forms, follow up reports, councelling reccomnedation, parent interaction worksheets.....on and on and on.

Aren't there more important things to worry about?
I guess not.

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