Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don't cry for me Argentina, cry for the US of A

What is going on with the United  yes suppose to be UNITED, States of America.

The news today is all about a rodeo CLOWN, who put on a mask of Obama.
And for doing that,and because of that the lieutenant governor  of Missouri called his actions "disrespectful"
The governor said the same thing.
The state fair officials said it was inappropriate, and because of that they have banned this CLOWN, from performing at the fair FOR LIFE.....

 You gotta be kidding me.

The fair also mandated sensitivity training for all rodeos....
Now can you just see a bunch of cowboys and rodeo riders going to sensitivity training....?
Yea sure...

State lawmakers are demanding an investigation into the state's funding of the fair.
The NAACP is urging Federal Involvement now in the case and want the DOJ and Secret Service to  investigate this because the rodeo CLOWN is inciting violence against the President
All because a rodeo clown put on a mask and made a couple of jokes.....
Isn't that a wee bit reactionary, don't you think?

 Why is the media spending any time on this?

I don't remember anyone making a big deal when a rodeo CLOWN had a bull maul a head of Bush aa few years ago.
No one made a big deal about makes of Clinton, Bush, Reagan........but a CLOWN puts on a mask of Obama and all hell breaks loose.
I am surprised the fair didn't get locked down and descended by blackhawk helicopters.....

What is happening in the US of A   ?????

Such anger and furor in the country.....

Here in Mexico, they make fun of everybody.....I see masks of dead presidents, past presidents, live presidents, and everybody is having a good time.

But in the US, the person, is banned from doing his job, his vocation, his lively hood because someone didn't like it.


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