Monday, August 19, 2013

I mentioned the rain.....

This year has been a stellar year for the water deposits from the skies.
Comparing it to last year, I think we have doubled the amount so far. What has changed more from last year is the amount of lightning strikes we have had in the area.

I love lightning strikes as long as they don't fry up the equipment we have to deliver the Internet.
On the top of our property we have a tall tower that picks up our signal and relays it to a couple of towns down the road. This year so far we have been hit twice.

The first time it took out the radios for a couple of days, and then again a couple of days ago, we had another strike that hit one of our power lines which did some damage to our electric gate controller and power box.

As I had mentioned before we get a good amount of rain, falling mostly between late May and  mid September.

Above you will see the result of one of typical rain bursts, flooded streets, and man holes ( sorry I should have said people holes ) pushing water out of the street sewer systems on to the street.

I have yet to see the man..people hole covers lift up, but a friend of mine the other days said that he did experience that just a week ago. The amount of force to lift up those heavy manhole covers just proves just how powerful water can be.

Then 30 minutes later, no more  rain, a few puddles around town and back to normal.

Our rains here are not like the once North of the Border, when they keep flowing for hours on end. They come, drop and leave, being more polite that some relatives that come and stay for a few days......

So we are ready to start building of our cistern, just as soon as the rains subside. Why wait you may ask?

Simple math. During the rainy season all work comes to a screeching halt when it starts raining..... Work resumes when the clouds leave empty.....

That usually is about an hour or two, multiply that by 3 or 4 workers, by 6 or 7 weeks and you have a lot of down time for which you don't get any productivity done.

So we will wait a bit, and knock off a week or so of the time it takes to piece together an large cistern for our water storage , which will be done strictly from the run of of the rain water from our roof.

So let it rain......would have been nice if we already had the cistern, but that will be for next seasons water.....

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