Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love letters in the Sand

I remember Pat Boone's hit record in 1957, was on the charts for couple of months. Some of you might remember how radio stations published their top hits, in San Francisco the radio station was KYA or KOBY that printed the weekly lists. The list showed what the top rock and roll records were. Pat Boone was up there in the charts in 57...

There was a record store on Haight street by Ashbury street, yep that famous intersection, there was a neighborhood record store called Melody Records.  You remember records, actually my first Pat Boone record was a 78, it was during the time that 45's were coming out. 1957 seems so long ago, but yet I can remember many things about those days.

What made me think about it was something that I saw on our recent trip to the beach.

 Just outside our room and it's sea wall was this writing.  Mayela must me a lucky girl to have her boy friend ( I am assuming here) write in the sand for her. ( Or competing for her)

It made me think that I have never done that for anyone. First of all , in my teen or twenty years I never wandered around too much to the beach. Dates were usually planned for either camping, mountain or other kind of trips.

It was too cold to wander out in the sands of Northern California. Back in those days amorous expressions always had ulterior motives and were usually reserved for the drive in theater back seat.

It made me stop and consider if now I communicate my feelings sufficiently enough to my spouse. Being in a comfortable relationship sometimes one can assume that everything is hunky dory, only to find out  upon returning home one day your spouse has other plans.

I have had several friends have their relationships fall apart simply because they no longer put much effort in affirming their love for their spouse. Now it makes me think if I do that sufficiently enough?

Do I make any special efforts?

 I know that we all could probably do a little more in the communications department.

I know what I will be doing on our next trip to the beach.....I will just have to get up a little early and find a stick.....

Love is grand.....

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