Monday, September 02, 2013

Mexican Ingenuity

One size fits all.............

Sitting having a rest, waiting for the downpour to pause while sipping on my Diet Coke, (with ice) the down pour  had just curtailed, but the streets and gutters were still flowing with large amounts of water.

As I have mentioned before, Patzcuaro gets quite a bit of rain during the summer months, which is another reason we are in the process of designing and building our cistern.

That's another story for another time.

I noticed that there were several people crossing the street with bags of groceries and stuff, some still had their umbrellas, some never had the umbrellas.

I also noticed several people, men mostly that had ankle  high rain boots, the kind you would see workers wearing while in process of their job that encircled getting get or wet feet.

Women don't usually sport boots, at least not the rain kind probably be case they just don't look sporty enough would be my guess. Or fashionable enough.

Wet feet are wet feet, so why worry about fashion?

That is when I noticed this twenty some year old walking down the street in what looked like she was walking in a loaf of bread in each foot.

As she came closer I noticed that they were white garbage bags which surrounded her high heels.

I also noticed that these were generic bags, since one could not see any writing on them sporting Codallos or Soriana sponsored shoe accessories.

This was the first time I have seen or at least noticed bag boots.

I have seen many rain coats fashioned from extra large garbage bags, where the wearer cuts out couple of slots two for the arms and one in the middle for the head to pop out of
But this was the first for the foot fashion feat.

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