Sunday, September 08, 2013

Clown Update

Now it is going to be  a hate crime if you hate Clowns.

I am not sure what this was brought about but it stared I think because of so many rodeo clowns making fun of past or present presidents.

Nothing new for me, since I have always hated clowns....please don't confuse Jesters with Clowns.
Jesters were professional royal subjects who were around to bring a jovial mood to sad or depressed royalty. Clowns on the other hand were created to take peoples mind of the set and act changes at circuses or while cleaning up elephant poop of the walkway.

There are people that have a fear of clowns, that mental condition is called coulrophobia

I have no fear of clowns, I have no use for them, either in the circus, or Washington.

Now why would anyone take offense at being compared to being a clown? Maybe because they feel that they have been  idolized  for not doing much of anything or taking offense because they were copied, emulated for being of no value.

This is not something recent. I remember as a kid growing up I enjoyed Buffalo Bob, but thought Clarabelle was ridiculously stupid.

After all what value as a person would a person be who put on a big nose, painted their face all white and hopped around looking foolish?
Maybe I was too serious as a lad.

Maybe I couldn't see the value of having a goofy looking person squeezing a bicycle horn in order to say yes or no.

I have no patience for frivolous laughter.  Channeled humor, laughter and frivolity based on popular accepted material....I go along with a chortle.

But not too much.

What I do find funny is actually sad for many people. I find funny that politicians are able to manipulate their constituents to keep voting for them while ripping them , their family and friends off.

But if you make fun of them then you instantly become the bad guy.

So, I make it easy for them, I admit that I am the bad guy before they can jump to it and call me a racist.

Doesn't make any difference if it has anything to do with race or nationality, it's just their way of  trying to shut your ability to express your views by making anything racist.

So in a way they are the clowns for hopping around making themselves look foolish by being unable to debate any subject by rational thought and expression.

They are the clowns and I have no use for Clowns......
The majority of Mexicans love clowns, this I observe by the number of TV shows that have a clown or multiple clowns running around being goofy.

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