Sunday, September 15, 2013

Enough Rain

My favorite thing to do while the rain is pouring is reading.

My favorite thing to do while it is raining is cuddling up in bed with a book, the wife and my foot warmers the doggies.
We have certainly have had our rains this season. I am getting a little tired of it, hopefully they will subside like they always do, in the next few weeks getting more distance between the showers and more exposure to the sun.

Not like we don't get sun, it can be a downpour and 30 minutes later all evidence has evaporated that there was a storm with lots of rain.

But now, there are two storms on each Mexican coast. There's one brewing that is going to visit the east coast which is called Ingrid and one already hitting the west coast called Manuel. The last report is that it is north of Manzanillo with 50 mile an hour winds.They expect 15 inches of rain in the states of Guerrero and Michoacan.

One interesting weather source is the webcams of Mexico. Click here and you can go to the whole country with a few clicks. You can see the waves on the beach at Puerto Vallarta or the sunny beaches of Mazatlan. The dark sky's of Patzcuaro and windy palm trees in Puerto Escondito.

So fire up the computer and look around Mexico. If you don't like the weather at one location and want sun, then Mazatlan, San Carlos, is your choice. If you want to look at the storm you are not in, then Acapulco would be a contrast.

Well, anyway, back to my Kindle book, before the whole afternoon is gone.......

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