Tuesday, October 01, 2013

It's Party Time

One of the things that I love about Mexico and Mexicans is their love of having a good time.
On their list of priorities, having a good time with family and friends is up on the top.
Probably more important than work.

Actually I know it is more important than work, because when we were building the house years ago, we had at one time probably 20+ workers on the project and I doubt that all of them were there on any one day.

There were always one or two that couldn't or wouldn't show up on a Monday. Often Monday an
often Tuesdays to boot.

Well it seems that we have our share of get together on certain Sundays. If I were to guess I would say we host about half dozen parties during the  year and attend probably twice as many throughout the year.
Birthdays, Christenings, Quinceaneras, Weddings, Graduations, the list goes on and on.

What I do like is even when we host the party, the party somehow comes together as a community event.

One family will bring the salad makings, another will bring the tortillias ( they happen to own a tortilliaria ) the another family brings all the vegetables ( they own several vegetable stands at the mercado) someone else brings the charcoal, someone else brings the ice,  another the beer, and we either get the meat or sometimes all we have to furnish is the tequila.

With the rainy season winding down, it was indeed nice to see some sunshine and a few friends to enjoy a couple of hours......

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