Sunday, October 27, 2013

One of my favorite Mexican Singers

Is Juan Gabriel.

I have been listening and enjoying his music for many years now and at every party someone always brings some pistas that are loaded on someone's computer which everyone will start singing to.

About two months ago I was sitting around and for some unknown reason I looked up Juan Gabriel's touring schedule.

We were in luck, he was going to have his 40th anniversary special show in Guadalajara on the 24th and 25th of October.

So, logging on to the Ticketmaster we purchased a couple of tickets to the show!
Now for some of you old time Patzcuaro residents, you may remember that he once had a grand residence here, located about a half block away from our main plaza. That was about 15 or so years ago, and later he moved out not sure exactly why, but I would guess it was because of some local tiff of some sort.

Anyway, we figured we would buzz down to Guadalajara the day before, which would give us time to wander around a little, go down to the Auditorio Telmex and pick up our tickets via will-call and leisurely enjoy what GDL has to offer.

For those of you who do not know, Guadalajara is about 3 and a half hours away from Patzcuaro, give or take a half hour, depending on the traffic we encounter in Morelia.
I am told that they are working on a freeway by pass that will shave about 45 minutes away from the trip which will allow us to exit the autopista and bypass Morelia entirely.

First of all what we did was find the Theatro Telmex. It is located in Zapopan which is a immediate suburb of GDL, it is actually larger than GDL and includes a lot of the newer buildings and such, not forgetting the University and several large shopping malls and venues.

We took about an hours worth of videos, and at some point I will try and edit them to make something memorable for us. The show was spectacular. The guy is 63 years old and was on stage singing for 3 hours straight. Between the Mariachi band and the back up band the evening will be a memorable one indeed.

He did all his standards, many of which his loyal fans joined him and sang along. The stage presence was also impressive, with the back drop being a large video display enabling scenes to change per mood and tempo.

Our seats were also grand, the only thing a little disturbing was the amount of people that came up to the stage apron to have their photo snapped crouching below Juan Gabriel as he sang at the front of the stage. I guess that graciousness comes with being a true professional and appreciating his loyal fans.

The performance started at 9 and ended around 12:45, for a full evening's worth of great entertainment.

I would go again, especially if he appeared in Morelia.......

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