Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Grandiose Plans......

According to the info on the blog info page I have been doing this since September 2006.
Man that's a lot of wasted time sitting in front of a keyboard tapping out phony reams of information for someone, anyone, no-one to peruse or perhaps not.

Just think of what I could have done with that time had I channeled it into doing something physical, like perhaps building another guesthouse, or my latest folly.
I happen to be watching some obscure TV channel a few months ago where this contractor in Oregon was building first class tree houses for his customers. The first thought that came into my noggin was , hey I have acres and acres of tall pine trees, most of which are stout enough to build a nice practical tree house where I could sit and read, alone, quiet, meld back with nature so to speak.

Then looking at some of the tree houses this guy built, I tried to imagine how something a little more upscale would look. Nice pine furniture built a little more comfortable than the cheap stick furniture you see on the side of the road almost everywhere here in Mexico.
The size of the room doesn't have to be much more than 3 by 3 meters,  have windows on 3 walls, possibly a little sink, under counter refrigerator for the cold drinks, a 1 by 1 meter WC which could double as a shower, with nice Mexican tile floors......




We actually live in our guesthouse. When we bought the property the plan was to build the guesthouse and then when it was finished we would by then have scoped out the perfect spot on top of the property, where we would build the main house.

Why you might ask? Simply because after what was suppose to be a 6 month project actually took a little over two years to complete...... At that point we just wanted to stop sleeping the garage and decided to move into the "guesthouse".

Had we stated on the main house on top of the property, that location would have afforded us sweeping views of Lake Patzcuaro, the Sierra Madres  and the surrounding landscape which would look out at least 50 miles in mountain tops and vistas.

So we never built our main house with the views......

I started thinking to myself that the tree house would be that opportunity on top of the property to do just that.
And we could use it as a guesthouse when friends stumbled over into Michoacan.....

We have all the wood on site, my Alaskan Mill is still operational, probably would start right up after a oil change and tune up, The gas concrete mixer, should also be usable, so why not?     Then reality crept in.
Even though the project would be small, I know it would probably take at least a year to complete to my satisfaction.

I had lots of grandiose plans of what my life was going to be here when we purchased the land here. Time has slipped by at this point, slipped 15 years and grandiose plans change like the seasons of the year.

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