Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

I am still alive and sort of well, trying to get an unwelcome house guest or should I say body guest to pack their bags and get out of Dodge.......there is little progress other than having a CT scan and identifying the number and size of the pesky uninvited crystallized intruders.

 My doctor wants to see if they will go home on their own in some reasonable amount of time before trying to do any options of their eviction.

Looking back on 2013 I can't believe how quickly it has passed, taking with it a few friends which seem to start getting more numerous as the years stack on.

I did start a new venture so to speak. I started making my own fizzy beverages. Awhile ago I had mentioned that I made Kvass which is a Russian fermented beverage made from stale black bread scraps.

 After doing several batches of Kvass I started making Kombucha which is similar but made with tea. Naturally fermented stuff is good for your health, and has been around for ages with superlative health benefits.

Then the natural progression was to make fizzy soda pop.  So far I have made grape, grapefruit, apple and ginger ale. It is surprising easy to do, and perhaps I will devote a posting on how to make some basic fizzy drinks.
 They are refreshing and being easy to do, you use any fresh fruit you may get and brew away......

Well I wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year, hopefully it will be prosperous and safe, stay healthy and wise......


Flash.......News.......at 2015 hrs, the stone passed, looked like a 8 mm at least, so knowing that that was the only one in question the issue at hand has been eliminated. What a nice New Years present!
Life will be back to normal soon....

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