Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Plantin Time in the Hood...

Last week we had the area tractor guy come by and disk the top 4 acres of the property and the bottom patch.

Early today he came by again and did the 2nd go around. 

So it is now ready to plant. Last week while he was disking, he did unearth about two dozen or so medium sized potatoes from last year’s crop. Potatoes will keep on producing even if there is a small part of one left in the ground. 

So, in the next day or so we will start transplanting the hundreds of small squash plants that we have been nurturing for the last few months. Then with all the rains, which will irrigate the plot, in 90 days or so we will have enough squash to fill a dozen or so pickup truck beds.

Not sure what squash is selling for at the mercado, but who cares. We use the land, grow stuff and pocket a few pesos in the process.  Growing the stuff really makes you appreciate fresh food, sans pesticides, hormones, and all that other crap.

We are thinking of building a greenhouse also so we could grow some items year round. Because of our elevation and the climate which is colder than cold, I thought that sinking the greenhouse in the ground would allow for the constant temperature of the earth to help heat the greenhouse in the winter months.

The type of greenhouse I am thinking about is called a Walipini which is an Aymara Indian word for "place of warmth".

If anyone has any experience with them I would love to know. Meanwhile it's time to start the fireplace in the living room.

Yes that is fog which is almost at ground level this afternoon!

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