Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We are losing some of our land....

They started about 3 months ago widening the road starting around Opopeo which is south of us about 6 km down the road from us. Last week they have started working on the south side of Patzcuaro widening the road from where the autopista drops you into Patzcuaro from Morelia, on the way to Uruapan.
The road is called hiway 120

It appears that they are cutting a path of about 10 meters on each side of the road. That looks like it will make the road a 4 lane road, which is kind of strange since the autopista is only two.

I say two, but actually the way people drive here a 2 lane road is a 4 lane, since it is common for cars to drive on the shoulders with passing accomplished simultaneously in opposing lanes.

That's probably the most upsetting experiences for visitors from the north to see when we drive them around. It makes for lots of gripping the hand holds above the doors and pushing down on imaginary brake pedals on the passenger sides a lot.

Anyway, with the additional work they are doing it appears that it will cut in to our fence line about 8 feet or so. I'm not sure if originally how it was figured out where the property line was, but it appears that it may have been wrong.

We will be loosing our massive iron gate, supported by two stone pillars, the driveway up to that on one side, and on the other side of the canyon, the smaller gate and stone pillars as well.

Our main gate has an electric motor operator on it, so it will take some time to rebuilt and reroute the drive way. Not sure how we are going to do it, we will only be able to figure that out once they come and start doing the work.

Another concern is that our inch and a half water line runs along side of the road as well as about a dozen neighbors all in that 2 or 3 meters directly adjacent to the road.
Whatever they will do, will also impact the fiber optic cable which is buried next to the side of the road, so there will be several concerns that will have to be addressed.

The road that goes by the house is the "free" road that goes to Santa Clara, Ario Rosales and Tecambaro plus several other smaller towns and villages. So I am not sure why they really need to widen it, but it has something to do with all the rest of the work that is going on , with the auto pista between Patzcuaro and Morelia.

If you are not aware of what's going on there, they are building a bypass that will exclude Morelia and should shave at least 45 minutes from the trip from here to
The main highway from the Autopista drops you down and loops you through Morelia each time in order to get to the road to go to Patzcuaro. With this bypass, it will be a direct line right to Patzcuaro by passing Morelia and a dozen other small towns. It is suppose to be finished some time this year.

That will make the trips to Guadalajara to less than 3 hours.

So I estimate that they will reach our driveways in about 2 weeks, we'll have to see how we will have to redesign them and relocate our gates and fence lines...

 Google street view photo.

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