Thursday, July 31, 2014

Old Photos

With the dark crappy weather, I decided to clean up some old boxes that have miscellaneous stuff in them. I ran across a envelope with photos and negatives in them.
You remember negatives?

You remember photos that you actually had to wait to get to look at?

This photo was from one of my first land expeditions looking for a place in Mexico to purchase.

And as you can see, the fellow in the boat had nice wavy brown hair, so you know it was at least 20 years ago. Yes it is mostly grey now!
The laguna we are in was a fresh water outlet that was located at Playa Azul. We almost purchase some nice beach property but didn't because it was way too difficult to get there.

The autopista had not yet been built, and unless you wanted to drive for about 8 to 9 hours from Morelia, it was only accessible via Aeromar, from Morelia airport.

Don't think Aeromar is around anymore either.

The property was relatively inexpensive to today's standards and the beaches were loaded with coconut trees. The fresh water laguna had one other interesting fact, that was it was inhabited with crocodiles. It was kind of amusing to have the boat owner point them out to us, "look here, see the eyes above the water"  After my wife saw those, she kinda had enough of the beach land and Playa Azul. Somewhere I have some photos of the crocks..

Another thing that nixed the deal was that the beach was really not a swimable beach because the surf was always way to strong, unless you wanted to get rid of a pesky neighbor's kid and teach them swimming lessons....

Oh, one other positive thing was that there was this ramshackle restaurant right on the  beach that we had gone to the 3 and 4 times we had gone there, a nice fresh shrimp plate and a beer was about 25 pesos. Remember this is a while ago, now a brew costs that!

One of my friends from Sonoma County in California has a place somewhere in Playa Azul, she has told me that I should come over some time and use it.  I'll put it on my things to do list.

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