Sunday, October 12, 2014

The ongoing progress

Well I have mentioned that we are loosing some of our dirt to progress. Progress in the form of a 4 lane highway immediately in front of our property.

They have been working on this for almost a year and I have been told that they have a deadline of December 1st this year.

We'll see.

I am impressed with the speed the highway contractors are able to accomplish their tasks. My take on why they can do stuff faster down here is because they are able to spend time actually working and not talking about it or planning and taking care of all the non productive details.

Details you ask, like what?

Well safety for one, here the responsibility of safety is placed on the driver. The driver must know that if you drive off the side of the road your car will careen down the side of the road, get damaged and possibly physically  hurt the driver and passengers.

All it takes is some carefully place white painted rocks, which will usually suffices for the bright red safety cones that are mandatory for anything as trivial as stopping of the side of the road.

I am constantly amazed at how smart drivers are down here. They are scholars and geniuses in my book.
  Temporary traffic can be diverted to the other side of the road, splitting the highway and putting opposing traffic immediately at the beginning of the diversion. Plain, simple you get about 50 meters notice that the road is moving so get ready.

In the states, there will be a myriad of signs starting about 3 miles before the detour, followed with orange cones starting about 1/2 mile before the switch and flashing and illuminated signs before and after the actual detour.  The amount of equipment and devices in itself is a profitable business NOB, while here, how much is a white rock worth?

Anyway , getting back, one of our gates, the one we were suppose to use while they are working on the road was made useless the other day.

No one asked me if it was OK.

No one asked me if we had another way to enter or exit the property.
It was just done, so live with it. So they just pushed the dirt it's about 5 ft high and if you want to cross it, get out the wheelbarrows.
( If you look real close you will see our gate pillars peeking out from back of the dirt piles)
They are also building a underpass bridge at our canyon location, which is there for the torrential downpour that emanates from our canyon during the heavy downpours......not.

So, in the meantime all our cars are loaded with mud, dirt and grime from all the road work. But that's our problem, our responsibility, no one to sue.

At least the rains are coming to an end................not soon enough.

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