Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Canada is even worse than the US

Political Correctness has proven that all possible common sense has been eviscerated from the citizenry of the nation.
Joshua Sewerynek seems to have breached the subject and totally exposed how nuts both Canada and the US have become on this political correctness issue.
He is of Colombian heritage and decided to dress up as a mariachi for Halloween.
NO Way it is offensive.
Read this from the National Review.
This cannot be real, but unfortunately it is.
Apparently, it’s “cultural appropriation” — whether it’s your own culture or not. A student a St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Ontario, Canada was forbidden from dressing up as a mariachi for Halloween on the grounds that it could be offensive to Hispanic students — even though he’s Hispanic himself. Ninth-grader Joshua Sewerynek told the Media Research Center’s MRCTV that, per the school’s instructions, he had tweeted asking permission for he and his friends to wear the costume. (Yes, the school was allegedly actually demanding that students ask for approval to wear their costumes.) “Sorry, that costume will not be approved as it is very offensive,” the school’s official account tweeted back. “Please let your friends know.” Sewerynek tweeted back asking why, explaining that he’s “Colombian and everything but the guitar is from the country.” “Although mariachi didn’t begin in Colombia, it has become a huge part of their culture,” Sewerynek told MRCTV. “Every year my grandfather still hires a mariachi band to play for his birthday, because he had such fond memories of them when he was back in Bogotá.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/426448/mariachi-halloween-costume-school-ontario
 Here in Mexico tons of kids dress up as Mariachis. I doubt that any one of them is offended.  Too many people get offended way to easy today.
How sad.

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