Friday, November 06, 2015

An Constant Annoyance

Yes, I am use to it, but it is a pain in the ass.

And, nobody is doing anything about it.

Why, because students are the untouchables.

Coming back from Guadalajara the other day, I removed my foot from the accelerator pedal in order to slow down from my fast driving.

We were approaching  the last toll both before Morelia which is Panindicuaro.

This toll both usually charges about 200 pesos to the toll taker for the privilege of  being an a super highway, driving 85 miles per hour sometime more, having bathrooms and convenience stores every 50 miles or so.

This time there was no kaching follwed by lifting of the automatic gate to let the car through.

There was, a plop of 5 pesos into the can of one of the students holding the toll booths hostage.

The down side was that we had to wait about 15 minutes while the students moseyed around , shouting and carrying on in their little power demonstration.

You learn to live with it.

If it's not the students then it's the teachers.

Seems like there is always somebody trying to voice their opinion on someone to the determent of the free passage of drivers and workers.

It happens a lot on a few of the roads around Morelia. Many people from Patzcuaro will call around to find out if the road happens to be blocked, thereby making their decision whether or not to go to Morelia for the day.

So we waited, meanwhile a policeman came by our window, shrugged and said, " You know, it's the students".

In the states, if someone tried to stop the cars on a freeway I think they would be hauled of to jail pretty quick.

Here times moves a little more slowly, after all , isn't that one of the reasons people are down here?

Looking at the bright side, we did save a lot of pesos....

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