Monday, November 16, 2015

One for All, and All for no one.

As we were having lunch today at an expensive restaurant in Patzucaro, I noticed something. 

There is little training of what team work is, or perhaps it is just a mindset that one wants to rule their own domain.

Not sure which is the correct answer.

What I noticed is that our waiter, who was pretty efficient had to do everything, while others stood around and did nothing.

There was a group of about 6 or 8 local gringos that came in for lunch and had ordered margaritas. Our waiter was also their waiter. Our waiter started making their drinks are the bar and when the drinks were finished and ready to be delivered, his attention was required by another patron sitting beside our table.

He let the drinks sit on the bar for at least 3 to 4 minutes while helping the other patrons next to us.

In the states, waiters team up, in order to provide quick service to the guests and had that happened in the states one of the other waiters would have delivered the drinks. 

 Team efforts seem to play more NOB probably because service is more important than here in Mexico.

What’s your hurry, anyway?

That’s not the point.  My margaritas is begin diluted by the ice my friend.

Possible one reason is that perhaps the wait staff doesn’t pool their tips, so each waiter is responsible for his or her tables and that’s it.

If I were a restaurant owner, I think I would worry about the quality of service first, simply because the sooner you get that booze over to the table the sooner they have an opportunity to order another one.

We’ve walked out of many restaurants early simply because the waitstaff never asked if we wanted anything else while we sat there trying to get their attention.

The funny thing is that while all this is happening, the owner or manager is sitting behind the bar, not doing a damn thing to expedite anything other than write the final bill.

Again, if it was my joint, I would be seeing to be sure that everyone was getting their drinks and food as efficiently as possible.

That is one of the mindsets of managers and owners of businesses here.  Let someone who you pay to do the job do it…period.  I would have thought that you see your waiter busting his butt to provide service, you either pick up the tray or get another waiter to deliver the drinks to the patrons PRONTO.

But I am not associated  in the hospitality business anymore.

I am just a sometimes frustrated patron.  Who tips a decent tip when I see someone working hard. I wish that I could dock part of the check total from the guy who just sat behind the bar and did nothing.

So much for one for the team......

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