Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A choice

Artisan beer in Patzucaro.

We had breakfast today at one of the newer restaurants that has recently relocated.  Still hungry from their sparse selection and limited serving portions we decided to go by the plaza and see if we could find a parking space and have some Uchepos at one of the old time restaurants called El Patio.

As I sat down I noticed  they had a  blackboard that indicated they were serving artisan beers.

Artisan Beers?
 Ok, Mexico has been having some popularity's in Artisan beers.  In fact about a week ago they had a Artisan beer festival down by the lake, which I was not able to get to, which I now sadly blame myself for not making the time to go check it out.
So I ordered a Deep Black IPA.
The waiter had a hard time understanding what I wanted, since the board was written in English, I tried that first, and then converted it to Spanish which then he finally sort of got it.  I think someone else had written the board and was more familiar with the "Artisan" program.
It went well with Uchepos. Dark, a tad bitter, full bodied and a treat having one down here in Patzcuaro.
It’s about time that they have something besides the Modelo or Victoria, or heaven forbid Corona down here.

The price was rather steep 55 pesos which is about. 3 dollars and 40 cents but since I don't drink down here at a pub or bar, it was worth the investment to taste a pint of dark ale.
Not sure how long they are going to carry the varieties, perhaps I'll ask next time I stop by.

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