Tuesday, December 01, 2015

No Turkey For You!

There were a couple of restaurants in town that were serving up the Gringo Vittles, that is turkey and ham, pumpkin pie, yada yada yada.

There was some controversy because one of the joints was charging 330 pesos for the opportunity to mingle with like minded Gringos who enjoy each others company.

Knowing that both restaurants would simply toss the bird into an oven for hours and come out with an mediocre bird, there really was no reason for us to schlep ourselves down to make some customary appearance to celebrate Thanksgiving which is not celebrated here in Mexico.

Where's your patriotic spirit?

We have Thanksgiving every day here simply because of the quality of life that the Mexican government allows us to have and enjoy.  So we celebrate our freedoms down here a lot.

Our Thursday dinner consisted of prawns that still have their heads on, (thereby allowing you to twist the heads off and suck out the savory juices) along with fresh oysters on the shell, and small clams that were cooked in butter, white wine and shrimp stock.

Perhaps, one year when the cooks at be, cook a turkey by first brining it and then cooking it properly, having the finish results not being overcooked and dry bird, we might patronize the place.
 But seeing the results of  how they handle some menu items that supposedly they excel at, I kind of doubt that they will rise to that occasion, at least in my life time.

We did crack open a bottle of some nice California Sparkling wine from the J winery in our hometown, a bottle which we brought down several years ago and which happened to be our last bottle. ( Hint for any upcoming visitors)

That was our special dinner, I kind of felt sorry for the patriots that were eating dry turkey and saying that they enjoyed the dinner.

Good for you.

So did we.

I think we are going to do a Prime Rib Roast for Christmas dinner, maybe I will invite a few friends for that dinner.

Need for get some bubbly for that.

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