Monday, December 07, 2015

Baa Humbug, not here.

I grew up in The City, actually in the Haight Ashbury section of town, we lived 200 ft away from the Golden Gate Park Panhandle. So it was normal for kids to go play there when it was still legal for parents to let their kids wander around unsupervised.  Our parents or at least our mothers always knew where we were, simply because parents had a network going of always knowing where their or other kids were at any particular time, this was especially true if one of the kids got into trouble.  Anyway, Golden Gate Park during December in the 50's had many Christmas decorations. The first ones were on Stanyan Street, where you entered the park, there were two massive trees that were at least 150 ft tall, that were decorated with multi-colored lights and massive strings of colored foil streamers.
GG Park Christmas Tree 1988

Then when they redid the road into the park from a two lane to a four lane they removed one of the trees. Now there is only one massive tree that I am not sure if it still gets decorated or not.
Another annual display was in one of the meadows there would be a live Nativity scene, with flocks of sheep and sheep herders, along with a barn with a star suspended over it.  I remember each year having our parents drive out to see the display. Cars would be bumper to bumper for weeks during December viewing the display.

Fast forward to 2015.

Multitudes of municipalities have decided that any reference to Christmas is a violation against the state. You now seem to offend people if you reference Christmas.
Tree during the day
It is the "Holiday" season on many cities have banned any reference or display of Christmas. No Crosses of any kind are permitted and heaven forbid you say Merry Christmas to someone instead of Happy Holidays, you will be labeled as insensitive and perhaps even a racist or bigot.
Patzcuaro Christmas Tree 2015

Not so South of the Border my amigos.

Municipalities take part and support lots of displays of Christmas.  In Patzcuaro the last week they installed a 45 ft tall Christmas tree, and last night there was a concert in the big plaza to start of the CHRISTMAS Season.

No doubt in anyone's mind that the town supports Christmas.  On the municipal buildings were myriads of lights and displays, Nativity Scenes, on and on .
It's nice that Mexico has no reason to ban Christmas.

Another reason to enjoy living below the border.

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