Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So far so delicious

It's been awhile since I wrote about a restaurant. Mainly because last time I did,  the owner of the joint came unglued.

It was actually a kind synopsis, but this guy had absolutely no iota of tolerance. Not a mini-millimeter. So because of the ability to hire hit men down here for what essentially the cost of a couple of six packs of beer, I have restrained from really devoting too much time enabling anyone to pull the trigger so to speak on my observations.

The owners of this joint, seemed to be mellow, and majority staffed by women, so I think I will give it a shot. No pun intended...

The place is called.....Ta  Da....La Tradicion.

Nothing has been written about it yet, so this could considered new news, at least at this point. One of the signs says that the food is from traditional flavors of Apatzinguan,

That's a town from the lower Tierra Caliente region.  I guess it's has it's own regional micro food climate so to speak.

A few people have mentioned eating here and so far all the feedback I have heard have been positive.

It is located right across the street from the Basilica  on Calle Arciga which is the short two block street.

For years it was some nondescript gallery but  a few months ago, someone decided to put to use the space into a decent grub stop.

Keep in mind since Lupita, or the old Cha Cha Cha moved away a few years ago there really hasn't been any decent place for a nice sit down meal.

Oh,and I don't consider the restaurant at the Hotel Posada La Basilica a decent place.
In fairness it may have gotten better, but I have not had the fortitude or the desire to give it another try.

Anyway, back to La Tradicion.

 Each day they have a good varied selection of regional dishes they serve , the menu is predetermined and well executed  especially considering the price.

$45 pesos. Or at the current exchange rate that's about $ 2 dollars and 60 cents.

On our  first visit I had the Frito de Puerco and the wife had the Aporreadillo.

The place was about half full and it took about 10  minutes for both of our dishes to arrive.

 My puerco dish I had ordered with rice. You have the choice of ordering the dish with one other side. The choices were steamed vegetables or rice. I opted for the rice, the wife for the veggies.

Both were delicious. My only complaint was that I didn't get enough of the pork. You can get an extra helping for an additional 15 pesos, but in reality after I finished the rice and a few bites of my wife's steamed broccoli it was perfectly filling and I didn't need or want any additional helping.

My wife also enjoyed her dish, the tortillas were hot and thick and also delicious to the point where my wife said she would almost like to take a few home.

Our second visit, was about two weeks later and being satisfied with my original order, I again ordered the Pork and my wife ordered the Caldo de Res.
I again was very happy with the pork, and after tasting my wife's soup, concurred with her that it indeed was one of the better caldo's we have been served in Patzcuaro.

Again after about 10 minutes both our plates appeared, but this time I had a generous helping of nice, thick, soft cubes of tasty pork was my reward for ordering the same thing
My wife commented that she was pleasantly surprised with the large chunks of beef in her soup, so after two visits here both times were and pleasant experience, especially for a new joint in Patzcuaro.

Both times we were lucky enough to find parking either directly in front or within the same block.  Forget the parking when any festivals are occurring at the church. We tried to go their last week and well, anywhere by the centro was Forgeddaboutit.....

We haven't tried the place for breakfast,  but based on how satisfied we are with their lunch offering I can't wait to give them a try.

Considering this place is a cheap, basic, no frills kind of a place, each time we were there , there was no surprise that others had found and were having satisfactory meals.

I hope they continue to put out the same quality meals that our few experiences have given us.  So far, I have not discovered any reason not to keep patronizing the place, especially since for the price, I really can't put together that tasty and decent of a meal.

Frito De Puerco 
Caldo De Res

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