Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Reason number # 2391

As I was having my daily glass of fresh squeezed orange juice this morning, I wanted to share with residents NOB that the phenomenal amount of money that can be saved by having fresh squeezed orange juice at home.   Or even at a restaurant.

Let's look at some economic stats.  A large glass of OJ in California averages 9 dollars, and the non fresh, reconstituted one goes for about 6 dollars for a large glass. ( in restaurants)

So, your annual daily OJ bill would be $ 3285 dollars.

And yes I have a large glass of OJ each day first thing in the morning.

Last week, I bough a huge sack of oranges which weighs about 40 lbs.  I paid  80 pesos for it or based on current conversion rates of $4.25.

But lets be fair.  Buying the oranges and squeezing them at home would be cheaper, so lets just compare OJ where someone does all the work for you..

The average price fora large fresh squeezed OJ in California is 9 bucks, so what is a large glass of OJ cost in Morelia.   15 pesos or 1 dollar.


A years worth of OJ down here would total $ 365.00 dollars a saving of $2920.00

That's almost 3 thousand dollars if we compare fresh squeeze in a restaurant in California vs a large fresh squeezed in Morelia Mexico.

We wont even look at the cost of oranges NOB compared to Morelia.

That's almost 3 thousand dollars.

Something to think about each time I take a sip of the delicious orange juice, while NOB people seldom afford to have that daily glass.   Of the fresh stuff

An that's another reason you can save money living in Mexico.

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