Wednesday, February 24, 2016

California continues to melt down

I was reading my hometown paper today and read that one of the Assemblyman is writing a law to regulate models.


California State Assembly member, Marc Levine, publicly announced his proposal that fashion models who want to work in California would need a doctor to attest they are not suffering from an eating disorder and they are of healthy weight.

Levine has introduced AB 2539. It would require the adoption of modeling industry health standards including periodic health check-ups, nutrition consultations, and appropriate medical testing as needed"

It  further states that: "
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board and the State Department of Public Health must adopt health standards for models
  • Models are required to receive a physician's certificate that the model meets the above health standards
  • Modeling agencies shall be licensed by the California Labor Commissioner
  • Models shall be the employees of the modeling agency
  • Modeling agencies are required to keep records and may be fined if they hire models who do not have a current physician's certificate

So, what do you think about Government sticking their nose into another business and regulating it, which will also mean that the license will cost money and will have to be renewed annually.  So if you don't , you will lose your lively hood.

Great to live in California, isn't it?

Can you imagine this happening in any other country in the world?  You first start with Government regulating the weight and health of the model, who is going to sit on this panel to review cases that get brought before it?
Soon, some arbitrary bureaucrat will add a few lines to the law, perhaps, no noses longer than 29 mm, or no breasts larger than a DD,  shoe size 6.5 and on and on.

Meanwhile the roads in California are crumbling, the gangs are going crazy in communities, people are out of jobs, school kids aren't getting decent education, but this politician wants models to be regulated.

Another reason Mexico is a land sans politicians that would possibly dream up something this ridiculous.

And you wonder why people have no faith in their politicians.

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