Thursday, March 10, 2016

Anyone have any chains?

Cold , Windy, Rainy, in March?

I get emails saying, " I hope you're enjoying the warm weather and sun"  Well I got news for you, it is cold, I tell people we are at 8000 ft elevation and then they ask, "oh do you have snow?
I always tell them no, because we are only 125 miles as the crow fly's from the ocean so it's never cold enough.


Michoacan has tall mountains and lots of them have snow on their tops around the area. Many other parts of Mexico also have had snow, I understand that SMA also received some, as well as other places in Jalisco and Guerrero.

.  Now I can say we have snow at the house.

This storm has been very windy, so windy that we have had about 5 or 6 trees blow over, one next to our house which damaged one of my satellite dishes.

Our power has been out for 48 hours and CFE can't tell me when it is going to be repaired.  We are running on a generator because we also have  a tower on our property that relays the Internet to a few towns around the area. So, because of that,  we were only down for about 12 hours, until we located a generator to run the equipment and a few of the things in the house.

 Lots of damage, mostly down trees, lots of vegetation shredded,  etc.

 At least  we're not buried underneath feet of snow, it's only a few inches which is melting quickly.

Time to toss some more wood on the fireplaces we have in the house. We have three and they have been running around the clock lately.

This is the weather that makes me think of Zihuatanejo. I can picture myself on the beach with a cold brewsky, sweating and complaining of how hot and humid it is.....

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