Sunday, October 08, 2017

Luxury on Sunday

There are lots of stuff that is either unavailable SOB, or hard to find.
One such item is decent bagels.

There are these bagel looking round things with a hole in the middle that resembles more a donuts that we have had in Mazatlan in one of the popular cafes that the gringos go to.

I would rather have had a bolillo than what they tried to pawn off as a bagel.

But closer to home, I have tried to make some at home, but that was a lot of work, doing the dough, boiling them then baking and at least they tasted better than what we had in Mazatlan.

But what has spoiled us is that many such luxuries have been now reduced to common everyday items available 365 days a year. This has been achieved by driving to our "big city" or the state capital of Morelia and stopping by at....Costco.

As I was enjoying my plate this morning of Lox and Bagel, I thought to myself that 20 years ago when we first set foot in Patzcuaro, while we were building the house we didn't have much around here.
In Morelia there was no Costco.
There was a Price Club, no Walmarts, no Home Depot and a myriad of other stores that have only populated the scene here during the last 10 years.

I thank Costco for my Lox and Bagel, as well as items such as fresh lettuces, asparagus, berries of all types, salmon, various cuts of beef and pork and of course large packages of toilet paper.

My whole mornings breakfast was courtesy of Costco. Starting with the smoked salmon, of which they have 3 or 4 varieties of, the bagels which they have a couple of choices, these bagels happen to be pretty large, so one bagel is enough for both myself and my wife.  The tiny cherry tomatoes you buy in a large box that are unavailable anywhere else, the capers and red onion are the only items non Costso. But I am sure if I bough a 50# sack of onions and a number 10 can of capers they would probably have that too.
Whole bean French Roast coffee was purchase also at Costco.

If it wasn't for Costco we would not have many items easily available. Wine, which I understand they are the larges consumer of in the world, to drug store items, eye glasses and big screen TV's which would fill your wall.

Anyway, our Sunday fix of Lox mit Bagel is now available thanks to Costco

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