Tuesday, October 24, 2017

United States of Un-Freedom

I usually try and stay away from political commentary because of the explosive nature of it. Especially now because civil debate is no longer possible for almost any kind of discussion now a days.

This change has been coming around very slowly. It's the old adage, of inch by inch no one notices, but after a decade or two the inches turn in to yards and then miles.

The US was founded on the premise of having certain freedoms. The freedom to speak and say what you want without being tossed in jail.  All freedoms that lives have been shed for the protection of those freedoms and rights. Businesses can do what they want, if the consumers don't like it, they will simply shun the business and the doors will close.  Kind of a self regulating system.

There was a story a few months ago where a food truck in Seattle was put out of business because the women who ran the truck were accused of appropriating recipes for Mexican food. Some group didn't think that was right and created a big stink about it.   Well I didn't think much of it, because hey, that's Seattle, like Portland and some other cities, loaded with progressive wackos that try to squash anything and everything.

The last few days there have been multiple stories about a restaurant in LA called Sweet Dixie Kitchen, that is reselling Popeye's Chicken to it's clients. One patron happened to see one of the employees bring in a sack of Popeye's chicken in the back door. The owner of the store had nothing to hide and admitted that indeed they could not produce as quality a product and simply added that to their menu selection and they didn't have a deep fat fried to allow them to do that also.

The whole thing blew up like a bomb.

You can't do that!

It is fraud

The owner is ripping his customers off.

On and on and on.

So where does it say you can't have the freedom to sell Popeye's, KFC or Professor Dingbat's fried chicken in your restaurant if you want to.
The owner noted that the gumbo and jam sold at the restaurant also isn’t made there, and “if we run out of our own slow-cooked pork, in order to keep our menu intact. I will order a batch of carnitas from the best place in Long Beach.”

But apparently doing just that is verboten, at least in Long Beach or California, or the West Coast.

So, where do you draw the line, no on site hand made tortillas, forgetaboutit....
Tortillas bought from a neighborhood tortilliaria,   NO WAY.

I don't think anyone would bat an eye here, if the food was sourced from various places in the neighborhood. But apparently that just won't fly in Southern California.

What a sad day,  what is this world coming to.

I  guess some people want the restaurant to grow their own chickens.....

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