Thursday, October 16, 2008

Water, water, sometime too much sometime not enough

We get our water for the house from a natural spring thats located 10km away in the mountains above our property. Seems the town also gets a small portion of it's water from the same source, only ours is first in line, it's pure, cold, sweet and a pleasure to drink!
It only becomes a hassle when I have to work on the water distribution system.

We live on a slope of a mountain, the water comes in at the bottom, the house is in the middle and the tank is on the top. Years ago, some natives must have fetched water in buckets to use in cooking and an occasional wash job behind the ears and other places. Now we are use to turning the know clockwise and seeing a rush of cold clean clear water (Kind of like the Sons of the Pioneers song of years ago) The only problem is that there is a electric pump that must do the job of lifting all our water to the top, so foolishly it can run all the way down again.........Brilliant, simply brilliant.

For this we have to pay CFE (The Mexican Electric Monopoly) lots of pesos every month.
But, I have a plan...... Last year I carted down on top of the SUV two 90 watt solar panels, and purchased a 24 volt DC motor.......just think of all the pesos I would have saved if I had the energy to install it the same time I brought it down last year!
It's on my things to do list this month! I promise.

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